Friday, June 05, 2009

SHOCKER! U.S. Treasury (I Mean "God") Forced Chrysler Into Fiat's Hands

The WSJ is on fire today (see TILB's recent post on the slap fest between The Sheila Bear and The Panda Bear).

They are now reporting internal emails that disclose a juicy back and forth between The Administration and Chrysler. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is perfectly consistent with our Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory.

Click here to read some of the source document emails.

So, let's see:
  • Chrysler has unanswered worries about Fiat's health;

  • Fiat basically would not cooperate with Chrysler's efforts at due diligence. In fact, a mere "eight days before President Barack Obama announced his support for the alliance in an April 30 speech, Chrysler officials were still bristling over what they considered Fiat's unwillingness to provide even basic information about its finances";

  • Chrysler executives referred to The U.S. Treasury as "God" in email (perhaps TILB's Borg references are more accurate than many people think);

  • The appeals process, which has been railroaded, still ended with this great CYA quote from one of the appellate court judges, "[the Supreme Court should have] a swing at this ball."

  • Government lawyers are now referring to dissident lawyer Tom Lauria as a "terrorist"

  • Nardelli confirmed Fiat's role as playing a core piece in our Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory when he worried "that the introduction of Fiat in the U.S. 'may have a negative impact' on General Motors and Ford." [shocker]

  • Chrysler advisory team members openly worried that "'Treasury/Chrysler' was 'in bed with a shady partner [Fiat].'"

  • And, finally, we learn that Chrysler's advisor from Capstone struggles to master even the very basics of English. This gem says it all, "These washington guys want to show the market (gm, delphi....) that they can be tuff. We are the gueni pigs unfortunately."

This is all very sad. Further proof that the entire Chrysler "process" was nothing but a traveshammockery.