Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mike Leach Does Not Take Mediocrity Quietly

Former Texas Tech Red Raiders head football coach, Mike Leach, is far and away TILB's favorite coach in sports. I'm not saying that as a joke. The guy is a football genius and is wired to destroy opponents. That's the point of football and he does it brilliantly. Many people don't like him because he uses his players like pawns, but the man wins football games. Period. Actually, not "period." He does it with substantially inferior player talent and financial support. And he forces a much higher level of academic rigor onto his team than most. He is, in short, an offensive savant (read this great article on Mike Leach by Michael Lewis - author of Lair's Poker, The Blind Side, Moneyball and a few other best sellers)

So, I love Mike Leach. The below video shows Leach letting his team know what he thinks about their 8-4 record following a lackluster win over bottom-dweller Baylor (they ultimately finish 9-4). The man stands for excellence. By the way, this is fairly tame compared to some classic Earl Weaver or Bobby Knight videos. I suspect if Bill Parcells locker room speeches were widely available, they'd have a similar tone to them.

{HT: TD]