Friday, January 21, 2011

When Teppers Speak, Investment Linebackers Listen

In this extended CNBC interview, Appaloosa's David Tepper is still somewhat optimistic, albeit toned down a bit from last September. Watch and see for yourself what Trader Tepper (as opposed to Investor Tepper) has to say about the opportunity set today. As always, he's entertaining as hell. [click here for his fantastic market call last September - many people credit this interview with setting the market psychology for the balance of 2010]

Part I - Tepper's New "Bank" Investment (NJ Food Bank charity) and a Look Back at His Fall Call:

Part II - Tepper Tones Down His Bullishness From Last Fall:

Part III - Tepper Gives His Somewhat More Micro Outlook (Semis, Semicap Equipment, Banking to a Certain Extent, potentially some of the PIIGS if they "do the right things"), Currencies and Gold are Tough, etc.: