Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The 'Skins vs. Cowboys - Gibbs vs Parcells Redux

Why or why must this torture continue? How many times will the powers of evil conquer the powers of good? When will the Redskins beat the Cowboys?

It was painful.

Last night, our beloved Washinton DC Redskins coached by our beloved Joe Gibbs were defeated by the despicable, worthless Dallas, Texas Cowboys coached by the despised (though respected) Bill Parcells.

Watching the game, it was clear that the Dark Underlord had an influence on this game's outcome. Huge blown call after huge blown call went against the Redskins vs. minor blown calls going against the Cowboys. We generally won't blame refs for a loss, but this one was as clear as it comes. The Cowboys were gifted 14 bonus points by the referees in their three point victory over the valiant Redskins last night. In exchange, we'll point out that the Redskins did pick up three points on a bad call by the refs. Of course, the referee ineptitude that benefitted the Cowboys largely outweighed this. Further, we wish the Skins hadn't even received that three point drive extending gift: it has merely allowed the hated Cowboy fans to claim our fortune was similar to theirs; that we benefitted from bad calls as well. Of course, 3 points does not make up for 14.


Getting away from the terrible refereeing for a moment, let us linger on the battle of Gibbs vs. Parcells. Lest anyone think we are so biased that we cannot objectively evaluate this game, we will note that we thought the rust showed on Coach Gibbs and he was outcoached by Parcells. Lucky for us, the Redskins' defense played another strong game despite being without two starting LBs, a starting DT, and losing a starting safety mid game. Greg Williams (the Def. Coordinator) has been DC's best pick-up to date. All that said, the Skins offensive play calling and play execution did seem to get in a rhythm in the second half. If that progress continues, Portis continues playing hard, and the defense keeps up the good work, we think the Skins will be in okay shape.

Lastly, this Cowboys team under Parcells is earily similar to the 2002 UVa football team under Parcells's disciple, Al Groh. Despite being clearly outplayed statistically and observationally, they find a way to win. We certainly hope Coach Parcells never acquires many talented players: he is a marvelous coach and we'd hate to see him surrounded by Players.

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