Monday, November 16, 2009

Vaclav Klaus On Freedom, Communism, and Government

President Vaclav Klaus is the President of the Czech Republic and a man that lived under communist rule. He understands what freedom and the absence of freedom mean. Peter Robinson does a wonderful job getting him to reflect on that time, the sudden improvement in freedom and the recent sea change toward larger, more oppressive government.

President Klaus says, "the train has already traveled so far that it will not be possible to stop it or turn it around" in regards to the Lisbon Treaty (regarding the EU's existence and position). He refers to this loss of sovereignty as a stage of "Post Democracy". He also directly states that Vice President Gore's beliefs about global warning are wrong and warns that the mantra of environmentalism has the potential to be oppressive and controlling. That it is an ideology of alarmism and inherently unproveable, thus it is an ideology of control and the centralization of power.

A fascinating interview from a man that clearly loves freedom. How many presidents not only know who Frederich Hayek is, but have read Hayek? Amazing.

Long the Czech Republic, short the EU. TILB knows nothing about the Czech Republic's investment merits, but we assure you having this man at the helm is a competitive advantage. If anyone has any specific ways to exploit the opportunity, please let us know.